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The perfect afternoon #coffee #books #kobo

an oc I created a few years ago, named charlie 

she’ll probably be a student in a catholic school or something, idk yet

Hijacking dad’s pc because mine is being used to watch some series and movies on the tv haha #illustration #art #drawing #practice

studies from some photos trying to learn how to color bodies

happy with the results…

the hearts are in hope my blog won’t be branded nsfw -___-

photos from

I have no idea what i’m doing hELP

Finally my new grip pen arrived! After 1 year of being pen-less, now i have 2 stands and a fuckton of nibs hehehehehehehehe I’m almost peeing myself from the excitement omg

I have a pimple on my chin that is so huge even my eye is hurting.

I tried to open my mouth to eat a piece of cake and a sharp pain on my face prevented me from doing that.

seriously, it looks like a fuckin cyst. The perks of having PCOS 


here’s a drinking game I made for my favorite show! let’s see how well it holds up for season two

Beta mermaid. Wip #drawing #art

To the lady at a foreign university who doubted my ability to get good grades and a scholarship

fuck you.

I will get a fucking scholarship in your fucking department and I will rub it in your face. I can easily maintain these grades or get even better grades, so you think i’m not good enough for your university?!

your university is not good enough for me.