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Hijacking dad’s pc because mine is being used to watch some series and movies on the tv haha #illustration #art #drawing #practice

studies from some photos trying to learn how to color bodies

happy with the results…

the hearts are in hope my blog won’t be branded nsfw -___-

photos from

I have no idea what i’m doing hELP

Finally my new grip pen arrived! After 1 year of being pen-less, now i have 2 stands and a fuckton of nibs hehehehehehehehe I’m almost peeing myself from the excitement omg

I have a pimple on my chin that is so huge even my eye is hurting.

I tried to open my mouth to eat a piece of cake and a sharp pain on my face prevented me from doing that.

seriously, it looks like a fuckin cyst. The perks of having PCOS 


here’s a drinking game I made for my favorite show! let’s see how well it holds up for season two

Beta mermaid. Wip #drawing #art

To the lady at a foreign university who doubted my ability to get good grades and a scholarship

fuck you.

I will get a fucking scholarship in your fucking department and I will rub it in your face. I can easily maintain these grades or get even better grades, so you think i’m not good enough for your university?!

your university is not good enough for me.

The mug my boyfriend gave me for valentines day (june 12 in brazil)

I’m so glad he knows me that well

I thought that I would browse among notes on a drawing from ippus, click on a few names, and drop off greetings. Hello! I hope that you're doing well.

oh, heeey! 

i don’t get many asks so that was kind of a surprise!!

i’m doing well, and hope that you are too!